Caring Ministry

The mission of the Caring Ministry is to educate, invite and equip the congregation to form a strong Christian Community.

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry provides opportunities for our congregation and its members to share God's gifts and to reveal God's life and love to those outside the congregation as a witness to God's life and love.

Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry is responsible for facilitating, coordinating, and managing the Church's worship ministry, including sacraments, services, music and traditions.

Spiritual Growth Ministry

The Spiritual Growth Ministry is charge with equipping the congregation to be disciples of Jesus, by teaching the Bible and spiritual practices, and by creating opportunities to experience them.

Resource Ministry

The Resource Ministry oversees and manages the church's physical resources to support the church in living God's mission. The Resource Ministry will also challenge members to recognize, experience and share the abundant gifts they have received from God. 

Support Ministry

The mission of the Support Ministry is to provide support to the various ministries and servants (people) of the chuch, as well as to support the personnel and determine staff positions and job responsibilities.