Weekly Service Recordings (click the title, add passcode and view)

December 3rd: Second Sunday of Advent -  "Bounteous Benediction" (passcode: 5#iHNRm8)

December 11th: Third Sunday of Advent    -  Bell Choir performs "Infant Holy" (view right)

December 18th: Fourth Sunday of Advent - "What's In a Name?" (passcode: !0K#z2&c)

December 25th: Christmas Day - "Believe Much?"

January 8th: "A Storied Past...A Hopeful Future" (passcode:e0R+dU8^)

January 15th: “Dialogue With Nephesh”  (passcode: +3K&nX9D)

January 29th: "Is It Foolish to Go Viral?"   (passcode: G#C11v&2)

February 5th: "Light and Salt: They're Not Optional" (passcode: 3k2wqbS$)

February 12th: "United Local 1622" (passcode: Fq@2m+VK)

February 19th: "Epiphany / Transfiguration: It's All About Glory" (passcode: GvjsT3e&)

February 26th: "It''s Yadah Time" (passcode: 3+Vk=&8l)

March 5th: not available

March 12th: "Come, See a Man" ( passcode: V+6^WPLx)

March 19th: "It's About Glory, Not Sin" (passcode: 6SAdK5$D)

March 26th: "Weeping, What's the Point?" (passcode: J1suWH=W)

April 23rd: "Got Joy?" (passcode: DnY?Q%1$)

May 14th: "Blessed Mothers and Others" not available

May 21st: "This is Eternal Life" (passcode: *NL7Mr0E)